Second Change Opportunity Program

The Second Chance Opportunity is a program FTC Kitchen branded 6 years ago. It’s our way of giving back to the community in which we serve, by offering a “second chance” to some clients who have struggled with getting back into the working community due to their past.

FTC Kitchen offers an open door and helping hand to clients with more than 180 days’ sobriety and the willingness and enthusiasm to repair and build a new future in the work arena.

Several of our staff joined us through The Second Chance Opportunity Program and have made incredible strides in the workplace – Two have become department managers within the FTC Kitchen and have been with us for years. Several others have moved on and have made an amazing stride in their lives.

We also offer a “Second Chance Opportunity” to senior individuals who are looking to re-enter the workforce on a part-time basis, bringing experience, skill, and mentoring to our group and being part of our Kitchen Family.